• To become the most innovative, sustainable aerial carrier vehicle for applications in reconnaissance, exploration and communication within the commercial market segment.

Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH

With the h-aero® we have developed a completely new and patented hybrid aircraft, which combines the advantages of the three proven flight concepts aircraft, helicopters and balloon and eliminates their disadvantages. 

Hybrid Airplane Technologies has already developed and completed three aircraft systems, the h-aero®  zero, zero+ and h-aero®  one ready for sale. Compared to conventional “drones”, h-aero®  is far superior in terms of flight endurance, safety, payload and capabilities. This proves especially in the field of agriculture and forestry. Surveillance flights which were previously only possible with manned systems, can now be executed with the h-aero®  as the first unmanned system (UAV). For the client, this means a cost saving of around 20 times and a low-emission and friendlier option due to noise protection and no CO2 emissions.

The h-aero®  flight systems are designed for professional use and can perform multiple tasks in parallel. For example, several different cameras (night vision, infrared and thermal imaging cameras) can be transported and evaluated at the same time. In the medium to long term, the h-aero®  concept will serve as a satellite replacement and elevation platform to bring telecommunications to remote parts of the world and avoid future space debris.